We are pleased that you are interested in our program as a bookseller. In our online shop you will find all our publications, in addition also previews and out of print titles with information on price and ISBN / ISSN.
If you have any questions regarding the publishing program, conditions and wishes and suggestions, please contact us directly. We would be pleased to help you personally at any time.

Delivery terms

For questions about orders, prices, discounts and availability, please contact us directly. We supply ourselves to all countries of the world.
Please send your orders with details of order number and sales tax identification number (VAT) in EU countries.

There are no discounts on e-books (PDF) and for all PDF orders the direct contact with the end customer is necessary for the processing.


We will gladly provide you with our book covers, sample pages and texts for advertising purposes.
For advertising on the Internet, you can download the cover and sample pages via our onlineshop on the respective product pages. Here you will also find texts and further information on the books.
Cover files for printing are available in high resolution on request directly from us.

Conditions for remissions

Remissions from fixed orders:
The publisher must explicitly approve returns from fixed orders. Approved remissions are generally credited to the store price subject to a processing fee of 5%.

Remissions from orders with return authorization (RR):
Remissions within the agreed deadline do not require approval. The reference date including the invoice number must be specified. The credit will be credited to the subscription discount (for immaculate copies).

Unauthorized or damaged remissions:
Unauthorized or damaged returns will be credited to the store price if accepted at a discount of 80%.

All returns must be sent directly to us:
Verlag Dr. Friedrich Pfeil
Wolfratshauser Str. 27
81379 Munich, Germany

The costs of return consignments shall in all cases be borne by the sender.